Tips on choosing a card offense and defense in the Clash Royale

The game play is different from with a Clash Royale game strategy more. In this game you are dealing directly with other players, instead of against the machine, AI, bots, and the like. To that end, implement the strategy requires that you understand the area sniper attack (attack) and area defence (survive) on top of the Arena.

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Cards survive

The following is a description instances Your defense area. In the area you can put some cards which is common and rare. Of course you have to combine these cards with air and ground forces to be more optimal.

Some examples of cards to help a defense that you can use include Spears, Goblin Archers, Musketeers, Bomber, and Skeleton Army. In addition to troops, of course you can also use a kind of building like Goblin Cannon, Hut, Tombstone, Tesla, and more.

But there are times when the enemy attacked using a card with a hit point very large such as Prince, Raider Hog, Balloon, or Giant. To beat him you could use card Skeleton Army, Mini P.E.K.K. A, or Barbarians. In this case, an attacker with card hit a high point though could be countered easily as long as there are no other forces that helped him.

Attack cards

We actually could have won the war by using strategies to survive. But it is quite hard to do and requires a strategy that is telling. If you want faster and definitely destroy the enemy tower of cards you can select include Prince, Raider Hog, Baby Dragon, and Balloon.

As an alternative to attack, there is a sequence of cards you can select to attack with extra fast. These cards are a Fireball, Rocket, and quite deadly is the Goblin barrels. Goblin card a special Barrel can only be defeated with effective use Arrows, Bomber, or Zap.

Well, some of the above cards you can consider to use survive as well as attack. Moreover, other cards belongs to mediocrity. If you want to upgrade Your card, it is worth reserving coins only to upgrade the cards that we have already mentioned above.

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