Tips on Dealing with Earthquakes Correctly

Where are earthquakes most likely to occur – I think in the last few days there was a handful of people are very happy clay somebody else worry about Earthquakes earth will shake Jakarta (especially those who spread these issues via sms).

Forget sms-sms that the source was not clear. But of course no harm if we know how to deal with an earthquake, right?

Tips on Dealing with Earthquake Correctly

A Japanese television programs invite some foreign students (coming from Chile, Finland, Spain, and Canada) to an earthquake simulator to see if they know the right way to act during an earthquake. Do you think any student that is doing the right thing?

When simulated earthquake began, two female students from Finland and Spain just sit in their chairs and do nothing. Unfortunately, when they were beautiful, you know.

Students Canada (fat) went straight to the door frame, while the Chilean student rushed to move goods easily fall to a safe place and he himself went straight to the bottom of the table, wait until the earthquake stops.

So who is the most correct? Yup. Si Chile. Chile was known only students who have undergone courses on earthquake safety, others have not.

And what about the students of Canada? Why did he run to the door frame? Apparently she had read an article in a magazine that is under the door frame is the safest thing to do when an earthquake happens.

And it is true, because according to earthquake safety tips issued by the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control in the United States ), the door frame is actually quite safe if a table is not available.

Here are tips for earthquakes correctly:

If you are at home …

1. Take refuge under the table. This can give you room to breathe if the building collapses. If the counter of his moves, try to also move to follow the direction of the table.

2. The side wall or door frame where is the last place will collapse. If the table is not available, take cover there.

3. Stay away from all breakable objects (windows, mirrors, lamps, paintings, urns), bookcases, cabinets, and all that could fall.

4. Take something to protect your head and face of a possible hit by falling debris and broken glass.

5. If the lights go out, use flashlights. Do not use candles and lighters during or after the earthquake. If there is a gas leak, an explosion can occur.

6. If you are in the kitchen, quickly turn off the stove before you take cover under a table.

If you are in the building …

Stay away from windows and immediately take cover under a table. Do not use the elevator. No need to scramble to run out of the building fear, let alone until others fall (if it’s time, it’s useless jog too right?).

The most important thing when an earthquake is to try to remain calm and, of course, pray.

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