Tips shoes combine style with your clothes

The choice of your outfit is made. The accessories are also chosen. There‘s the shoes… If you suffer from the symptom “I have never anything to wear”, read the following. We give you advice which, in the majority of cases, help find your way you.
1. no need to match the color of your shoes to the dress
It takes rather than your shoes to go with the style of the dress. Too often, it fixateson the colors.
You are wearing a houndstooth dress red and white? Do not try to harmonize it with houndstooth shoes red and white! Opt for the silver, for example.
2. the rule of the three colours
This basic rule avoids many problems of coordination.
To the extent possible, stick to a maximum of three colors. We are talking about your outfit, shoes and accessories.
It is true that some women are able to get away with more colors, but in General, it is unwise to try to do too much.
3. one printed by look
Do not attempt to wear printed shoes if your skirt is also printed.
Stick to the rule of a single printed by look.
4. the heel of the right height
How high should your shoe? This answer lies in the cut of the clothing you wear.
Remember a heel must be arranged with a garment that lengthens the leg. If you wear it with a short example, you commit a fashion misstep, at the limits of vulgarity.
The shorts better marry with a flat sandal.
The ballerina on his side will go beautifully with a trumpet skirt.
5. the right shoe for the right occasion
It is normal not to wear the same shoes for any occasion.
For an evening chic, the heel is perfect.
On the other hand, low shoes, like the sandal or ballerina, are perfect for a countrypicnic.
Conversely, even if they are nice shoes, may not highlight.
Remember that the choice of the shoe should be with respect to the circumstanceswhere you wear it. This rule of thumb will help avoid you some missteps.
How to choose the right shoes for formal occasions?
When the choice of shoes for formal occasions such as a job interview, a presentation, or a marriage, a good balance between comfort and fashion could help you find the appropriate attire. You will feel elegant, confident and sure to impress others.
How to choose the right shoes for formal occasions?
In most formal occasions, the choice of men‘s shoes is relatively limited but very nuanced. Everything is based on the subtlety.
The real choice lies in the details. It is a way to assert.
What color is good?
More rustic and natural, Brown has an aristocratic look.
Serious and versatile, jual sepatu converse indonesia the black looks more controlled.
Navy Blue is more modern and more expressive with a modern look.
Then there is the design.
Looking for a shoe more stylized in contrast with a very classic costume? Low shoesmight do the trick. For this need you a perforated leather along the model.
Are you looking to seem very serious, for a funeral or an important presentation forexample? A style with tip might do the trick.
If need you something more distinctive and contemporary, consider a pair of shoeswith tip.
For a really bold and indulgent appearance, try sharp toes.
Remember that longer you wear color, patterns and special details, more your shoesshould be simple and unpretentious. More your outfit is sober, the more you can afford fancy shoes.
In general, for a formal occasion, heels are a must but deprive you for so many choices. For starters, how do you feel? Your mood is the best indicator to use in the choice of your shoes. Your shoes should express the person you want to project this dayhere.
For example, if you feel bold and saucy, go for studded heels or animal footprints.
If you prefer a chic appearance and insured, try the rhinestones or glitter.
For a little more class and control, choose classic shoes in a single colour.
If you want to appear both sophisticated and sexy, try the varnished leather.
To stay modern and trendy, try blocking color in two-tone.

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