Type Of Food Best For Babies BREAST MILK’s Companion

Gizi Bayi –¬†Why do 6 months? This is because the digestive system on the baby had started ready to accept the type and texture of other foods that are denser than in the time before. Age 6 months baby is indeed the benchmark is not exhaustive. However, this age allows the stomach and digestive system organs including his throat has been quite ready to digest the food escort BREAST MILK more dense so it will be able to be channeled up to the part of the digestive system in the well.

Not only that, the age of 6 months on a baby makes them have started requiring the intake of nutrition and nutrients from foods that taste better and more diverse. That is why, it is important to consider providing food companion as soon as the child is 6 months old.

Well, if the mother had started to be ready and look at the condition of the little one is already beginning to look when given a spoon joy brought on his mouth, then maybe at this time mom should begin to determine what type of food to be given on the little one.

Well, talking about the kinds of foods the escort shall be given to the fruit of the heart. Preferably, the mother is not an arbitrary pick, in determining what type of food to be given on the little one. A healthy diet and have a high nutrient content, which surely must take precedence. Because basically, the purpose of providing these types of food on the fruit of the heart is to fullfill the needs of nutrition and nutrients in the body. To it, then give preferred foods with nutritional and nutrition.

As for at the earliest stages or the first time give the food escort BREAST MILK in infants, usually parents would be well advised to give the food gradually, starting from providing food with more fluid texture, thick up to solid food.

This must be enabled so that the digestive system first i.e. esophagus in infants can adapt to new types of food. Thus, the range of food don’t give the little one with a volley that was given at one time. In addition it will effect on organ pencernaannya, this will probably react to health.

We don’t know that what dairy eaten by the little one turned out to be an allergen that triggers the onset of allergies in her body. Therefore, it is important to provide specific types of food slowly and wait for a pause of one food to replace other foods to see if there is an allergic reaction from the food consumed.

There are quite a lot of variety of foods with good nutritional content that proved suitable to the baby because it has benefits to support the growing swell the fruit of the heart. After 6 months, a baby will usually be advised to be given food Companion. The goal, as explained above i.e. to meet the needs of the nutrients would be sure yet by ASI.

As for the content of materials suitable for baby food MPASI (food companion ASI) must be able to meet the needs of some of the nutrients that baby will need like iron, folate, zinc, as well as various other vitamins and other minerals as well. At a time when choosing food, try so that mothers could choose the type of food that is fresh and has not been through the process of preservation.

When the new baby is first introduced in other foods, then give the same food about 3 days before mother introduced her on other foods. The goal was last above, i.e. in order to detect any possibility of allergies that attack the little result from consuming certain foods.

In addition, before your baby can eat normal amounts, then it should still give it a new breast milk, once he started eating a normal amount, then the intake of BREAST MILK can begin to be reduced little by little by slowly.

Preferably, increase the amount of food intake in addition to BREAST MILK is done slowly, don’t do it with sudden and giving your liver a portion of fruit a lot. It is aimed at a digestive in order for the fruit of the heart can be run well and adapt slowly.

For the first time, your baby will probably be seen heartily, for his ability to make it look new corporate sense of mirth, but maybe you will find your baby is getting harder for no feeding due to already know the texture and taste. However, it is indeed like that normally, it may be the fruit of the heart already feel full with a new food. When this occurs we recommend that you do not impose your self.

Well, this time we will give some kind of list of healthy baby food is good and it is recommended to be given on baby food as his running mate. What are the different types of food? Let us refer to below.

Types Of Porridge Are Healthy For Babies

For the first, we will give some good pulp list given on the baby. Typically, some mothers still confusion in introducing a type of porridge given what’s good on the fruit of the heart. To that end, several lists of slurry under is expected to be the solution for the mother to be able to present the porridge is delicious and healthy fruits for the heart.

1. Milk Porridge

Porridge of milk commonly is the kind of food most widely recommended as a food in infants given an escort BREAST MILK first. This type of food is solid food that is either given as well as introduced in the baby. In addition to the delicious taste, texture milk porridge should made more dilute will become the first healthy meals so that the baby can adapt better.

As for how the making of this food is pretty easy, all you need is as much rice flour 1 tablespoon and mixed together with infant formula as much as approximately 200 ml. then using the spoon, dissolve both these ingredients until evenly mixed and often overcome can be customized to your liking.

Cook both mixtures ahan using low heat in a saucepan to a boil evenly, until the mixture becomes a bit lumpy. When the flour to clot, then we recommend that you filter it first.

2. Potato Milk Porridge

The second type of pulp is pulp, potato cereal milk porridge is suitable given to babies who have just entered the age of 6 months. Variety of food in infants enough therefore strongly advised so that baby does not feel bored because it is always consuming different types of the same food repeatedly.

To make this dish is actually quite easy, all you need is 50 grams of potatoes that have been peeled and steamed and cut small. Then provide a formula milk that is mixed together with this material.

ARA creation is quite easy. The first is with the smooth potato that has been mixed with a little milk, then puree with a blender evenly. After that, enter the rest of the available formula and mix evenly. Just like the porridge, when potatoes lumpy, then strain before serving.

3. Vegetable Porridge

Babies need to consume different types of vegetables in order to preserve the health of his body and meet the needs of the nutrients needed by the body. And vegetable porridge is one type of good healthy food and is recommended to be given at 6 months old baby.

Ways of making the kind of food that one also is quite simple. You only need as much as 50 grams of broccoli that has been cut and steamed. Then mix together with 5 tablespoons of formula milk powder or mixed with breast milk.

To make it you just need to mix both these ingredients with the milk and puree using a blender. Then mix all the remaining milk and mix evenly.

Actually, you don’t always have to use broccoli, replacing them with other vegetables and with a number of variations that more be-okay.

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