Type Of Lamp For Photography

Type Of Lamp For Photography

Even the type of lamp used illuminator is particularly important. These can be incandescent, fluorescent or discharge, just as in everyday use. We will not find certainly traditional incandescent bulbs: well before the prohibition of marketing them had been supplanted by halogen lamps, can produce significantly greater illumination with an occupation (in terms of size) equal to just a fraction. These lamps are often labeled as quartz lamps or quartz-iodine as the bulb is, in fact, made of quartz: this is because the temperature of these lamps is rather high: 700 ° are not uncommon to achieve.

Halogen lamps have the advantage of being very small http://akusaraprosound.com, so much heat and can reach powers of more than 2Kw. Their cost is not high but have an efficiency very poor: totaled about 25LM / W. The color spectrum is rather uniform.

As part of the fluorescent lamps includes all those who, in the jargon, we call for “energy saving”, including neon. The main disadvantage is the color spectrum: is not uniform and presents the peaks blacks. Also the size and the price is higher than the previous lamps but have the advantage of having an efficiency very wide and, consequently, heat less and cost, in operation, decidedly less.

Their evolution, although technologically talk about something different, are LED bulbs: too few powerful to replace traditional light sources, we find extensive use in the latest generation bank where counting is more diffusion and homogeneity of that the light power. Their efficiency is almost maximum: the lost amount to the infrared or ultraviolet is minimal.

The discharge or HMI lamps are definitely related to the professional sector: based on an ionized gas have old problems (at least not compared to halogen) but have a high cost and power of up to 10Kw. Require an external power supply. Eye wing bill!

The bank (also called soft bank) can be characterized by a single central light bulb (or arranged at the ends) and a “whitish” surface (the true speaker) or, in the most modern versions and risparmiose, by a set of LEDs to low power equally distributed on the surface of the bank itself. The emitted light is normally very soft.


The sunlight made it possible to have too perfect exposure of the fund, while the subject was illuminated by artificial source.

Even a set for a picture against is not particularly challenging: as we have seen in previous articles, in these cases it is essential to be able to remove the silhouette effect affecting our subject with an artificial light source. In the case of low sun and particularly bright, the use of two illuminators may be the right solution:

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