Understanding Earthquakes and Type – the type of Earthquake

Whatcausesearthquakes.com –¬†Earthquakes are one form of natural disaster that can endanger human survival on earth. Earthquakes can cause damage to the infrastructure and also claimed the lives of both humans and other living organisms.

Earthquakes can occur due to several things, such as volcanoes, tectonic plates shift, landslide, or for the use of a wide range of objects that can cause an explosion.

The larger the scale or size of the causes of earthquakes, the greater the earthquake shaking may cause. And the greater the shocks that occur, the greater the degree of infrastructure damage that may be caused.

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Definition and Understanding Earthquakes

The term earthquake is basically derived from two words meaning words seismic shocks or vibration, and the word is the name of the planet Earth that we inhabit. If the means of forming the phrase he said, the earthquake is unnatural shocks that occur on earth for a wide range of specific issues.

If interpreted in full, then the understanding of earthquake is shaking or vibrations that occur as a result of the shift or movement of the earth’s layers of rock at the base or at the bottom of the earth’s surface.

Type – type Earthquake

When viewed from the cause, earthquakes can be classified into four types of earthquakes, namely:

  1. Earthquake Volcanic (Volcano)

Volcanic earthquakes are earthquake that occurred as a result of the eruption of the volcano. Volcanic earthquakes usually occur shortly before the volcanic larva out of the bowels of the earth. Type volcanic earthquakes is one of the earthquake can be predicted.

  1. Earthquake Tectonics

Tectonic earthquakes are earthquakes that occur as a result of the shift of tectonic plates arrived – arrived. Tectonic earthquakes are the most devastating earthquakes and unpredictable arrival / time of the occurrence.

  1. Earthquake Ruins

Earthquake ruins the earthquake that occurred as a result of landslides / collapse of the limestone area around the mining area. Just like a tectonic earthquake, earthquake debris usually unpredictable time of occurrence. However, the level of shocks arising from earthquakes tend to be much smaller than the two previous earthquakes.

  1. Artificial Earthquake

Artificial earthquake is an earthquake that occurs because of human activity either intentional or unintentional. Artificial earthquakes can occur due to the use of dynamite, bombs or other explosive devices of various kinds. Not only that, the artificial earthquakes can also occur unintentionally ie when the explosion happened because of an accident.

Well, that little has been written about the understanding of earthquakes that we can share with you. May be useful!

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