Understanding Firewall, How it Works & Function

A firewall is a term commonly encountered and heard in speech or articles related to computer networks. The term is indeed the name of a security system on a computer network that is able to process monitoring and control of computer network traffic both in and out of data networks.
Definition, How it Works & Function Firewall

Network security is one of the most important things in computer network management, it is because there is always a risk of damage and theft of data on the network due to virus infection computer or actions of irresponsible hackers. Fungsi excel

key facts about firewall

1. Within the scope of the talks computing; Firewall is a network security system that is used to control and monitor data traffic and out into a network based on a specific security settings. This security system will work as a wall separating the internal network environment that is considered a safe and trusted environment outside networks. The Internet is a network outside the network environment is assumed to be unsafe and unreliable.

2. Firewalls can be used to maintain the security of a single computer or network of computers connected to the Internet in order to protect a computer or computer network from virus infection or hacking activity data is performed by outside parties through the Internet connected.
3. In practice there are two common types of firewall systems are commonly used for the protection of computer networks and the risks that come from outside the network or internet.

  • Network firewall is software that runs on ordinary hardware or hardware that is made specifically for conducting the firewall functionality; This device is in charge of the traffic filtering data packets moving between two or more networks.
  • While a personal firewall or host-based firewall is a security system that works on a computer and serves to perform filtering data packet traffic to enter and exit the computer. The security system is sometimes placed on the router device to perform the function of the same security by filtering data packets in and out.

How it works Firewall

1. System firewall works by analyzing data packets in and out in a secure environment protected by the firewall system. Data packets that do not pass the analysis will be denied entry or exit or a protected computer network.

2.Filter or filter firewall will work checks the source of incoming data packets with the policies introduced to control packets from anywhere to be entered.The system can also perform blocking on a specific tissue types as well as traffic keep records on suspicious data packets.

firewall functionality

1. protect the network or computer where the firewall system installed on the entrance and exit of unwanted data packets or compromise security. Firewall will perform inspections or filtering data packets based on policies created by the administrator.

2. There are several parts to be examined and taken into consideration whether or not a packet passes data such as the IP address of the data packets coming, source port of origin of the data packets, the IP address of the destination of data packets, the port is the purpose package virgin, IP protocols and information obtained from a data packet header.

3. Based on what was done and how the firewall works it can be concluded that the main function of this system is the control and regulation of the litas data packets outgoing or incoming network protected by a firewall system.

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