Various Types of Cooking Tools: Safe and Healthy

Did you know that there are many types of cookware around us? The kind referred to instead of pots, pans, etc. you know but that is the basic ingredient maker cooking utensils. Maybe we just know that it is made of iron or metal. Eits make no mistake, it turns out there are many kinds.

Do you consider the safety and health as well as buying cookware? Most people-including the author was, so far also only consider price and usability issues when purchasing cookware. But should we rethink , it turns out there are a lot of danger lurking behind the basic ingredients of cookware. Let us identify the various materials following basic cooking utensils.

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Stainless steel pan

1. The non-stick cookware /  Non-stick coating cookware (you should avoid)


It ya type of cooking equipment of the most popular and populist in Indonesia, a non-stick frying pan or who are familiar with the Teflon. But you’d better think again again to use this cookware because it turns out when it reaches a temperature of about 350 degrees Celsius in just 3-5 minutes, he will issue 15 types of toxic chemical gases, including two types of carcinogenic compounds.

Uh-oh . However, not all non-stick cookware that is currently available using the toxic layers you know ya, ResepKoki will discuss more about this in another article, waiting on the game yes.

2. Stainless steel (relatively safe)


Although this type of cooking equipment also contains a mixture of metals, but she will not go into the food during its lining from being scratched. So do not use a mixer or washing tool potentially damaging yes.

3. Pure aluminum (preferably avoided)


Aluminum including reactive metals and toxic know. But why cookware with the basic material is often used? Apparently because he very quickly dissipates heat. But it turned out oh turns cooking and storage of food, especially acidic and salty, will react with aluminum and high-potential entry into the food. Well today are sold not only cookware with pure aluminum material coated aluminum but a variety of other materials, such as non-stick coating and a ceramic coating.

4. Iron Castings /  Cast iron (relatively safe)


The iron in the cookware types are also potentially migrate into the food we cook, but you know that metallic iron from ending up in the food can be considered as an additional intake of iron is good?  Therefore, when only a small amount of entrained or moved to the relative safety of food. However, this made cookware easily corroded and therefore need special treatment yes before use.

5. Porcelain or ceramic (safe)


An organic material cookware that has been used since time immemorial. Besides safe, cooking utensils is also not sticky, easy to clean, and is able to conduct heat well. There are two types of cooking equipment using these materials, which is purely based ceramics, or just use a ceramic as the outer layer only. The weakness of this cooking utensil is it easy gompil , cracked, or broken so be careful when storing or put ya.

6. Glass (secure)


Super safe, durable and environmentally friendly. But the drawback is that not all food can be processed using this type of cooking equipment, to make cakes and steak for example.

Okay , there’s been an idea right about the various basic materials cookware. Now it’s time you check  into the kitchen and see including which tools. It does cookware made from ceramic, glass, or cast iron is more expensive, but not nothing wrong right you invest in your health and your family in the future.

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