War Robots For Android

War Robots For Android

Fans of mech, the sci robottoni war that have done so much for the science fiction genre? Worshiped the Mechwarriori series of PC in the old days? Well, Walking War Robots is exactly that, mobile devices, with setting massive multiplayer.

The game uses a 3D graphics-end “high” (in the broad sense of the term; we say it is recommended with graphics chips from Snapdragon 800 and up), and allows you to pilot 13 different mechs, in real-time battles between clans. Clans can be composed of a maximum of six players each, only two per team match.

The mechs are distinguished by the different specializations of everyone: those who prefer high-powered weapons but short, those machine guns with limited damage but with a high rate of fire, the attacker from a distance with long-range missiles. There are 17 different weapons unlockable, and with upgrades available in the integrated store (of course supported by in-app purchases ) can become even more lethal.

War Robots is currently one of the strategy game genre that many downloaded by Android users. This game presents a display and the gameplay is a good sort. In this game, creativity and strategy you should consider. Because each mission you are required to win. To get unlimited gold silvers and I highly recommend you try war robots cheats metod

War Robots is available for about a year for iOS devices; for Android it has been subject to a period of soft launch rather extended, while the first September is available globally for all. It supports external controller and is free to download. Ready to throw into the fray?

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