What to do during an earthquake

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) nearly every day to announce an earthquake in various parts of Indonesia. Disaster expert staff of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Surono, said the potential for an earthquake in Indonesia reaches 30 percent of earthquakes occur worldwide.

Surono added that this earthquake statistics by category earthquake that caused the death of 1,000 more. According to the website of BMKG, Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because the path traversed by the confluence of three tectonic plates, namely: Indo-Australian Plate, the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate.

Illustration shelter under a strong table during an earthquake.

Earthquake insurance –┬áIndo-Australia plate moves relative to the north and infiltrate into the Eurasian plate, while the Pacific plate moves relative to the west. Strip plates meeting at sea so that in the event of a major earthquake with a shallow depth of it will potentially cause a tsunami that Indonesia is prone to tsunamis.

Therefore, the earthquake could occur at any time and are difficult to predict. What if an earthquake suddenly come? Do not panic and try to apply the following important things.


1. Lower the position of the body

The basic method is also used to deal with this fire is the first thing you can do when an earthquake occurs. Kneeling and lying down is highly recommended to help balance yourself against vibration.

2. Find a shelter

When you are indoors, take cover under a sturdy table or chair. When there are no objects that could be used to protect yourself, cover your face, head, and neck with both arms, then curl up in a corner. Avoid switching room.

If you are in bed, stay there and cover your head using a pillow. Your security will be more secure if you do not get out of bed. However, if you are under the chandelier that is likely to fall, immediately move to a safer place.

3. Holding onto solid objects

When the ground shook and all the objects falling, hold on to solid objects around you. Do this until the earthquake completely stopped.


1. Get out of the room. Risk injury will be much greater when you are trying to get out of the room.

2. Approaching / towards the door – with the intention of sheltering behind it.

3. Moving around the room – with the intention of seeking refuge.

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