Why The Slime Sand Is Not Kinetic, What Do?

Why The Slime Sand Is Not Kinetic, What Do?

There should be no confusion with so-called Magic Sand, whose special feature lies in the fact that it is possible to create special artistic forms under water, without actually getting wet. Both of these popular creations are, of course, also available in the trade, but the DIY method is, as so often, much more cost-effective, fun and gives free rein to creativity.

Although all products, in their function as adhesives or detergents, fulfill their original editions more or less identically, they are each made from completely different ingredients. For this reason, it may happen that a specific adhesive brand or a particular washing product provides less good results. If the first attempt fails, it is advisable to restart the experiment with other starting materials.

By the way, as is often the case, there are also numerous possibilities for the production of kinetic spells. However, you should avoid using variants with water because, on the one hand, this dissolves the binding capacity and on the other hand it would really make the sand wet – and thus allow it to dry again after a certain period of time. How to make slime. ┬áThus neither the desired effect of a pure illusion of moisture would be produced, nor could the product be preserved, or possessed indescribable fluffiness.
Inspiration – Spells

1. Instruction – Decoration: Whoever makes his colorful sand creation with pretty molds to small locks, mussels or hearts, thus conjuring up a summer decoration idea for his own four walls. Even without special sandforms you can freely create imaginative structures, since the sand magic is so flexible. Simply put on a pretty tray and decorated with artificial flowers, real stones and shells.

2. Instructions – Relaxation: Keep your kinetic magic wand near your workplace and let it slide through your hands forever. Who likes the haptics, is spoiled with a small wellness moment for between.

3. Instructions – indoor sandbox: Of course, the magical sand is mainly known as children’s toys and popular. Just set up a great sandbox for the kids. This provides an absolutely sensible employment opportunity even in bad weather.

Since kinetic-looking spells do not crumble and thus do not cause chaos, you do not need any special support or an enormous amount of space.
Just fill the preferred amount of self-made sand into a large rather flat vessel, such as a bowl-shaped flower head.
Decorate your vessel as you wish, put some sand molds on it and you’re ready to go!

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