Wow! Apparently, the Prophet used to Make Infused Water Also, Loh. Also know Usefulness Here!

Infused water seems to be a healthy beverage trends suggested that continue to this day. Made from fresh fruit pieces are soaked in water for several hours, infused water is believed to provide many health benefits for the body and become an alternative for us who do not much like the taste of white fresh water so that the adequacy of body fluids remain . The benefit, among others, maintain weight, cleanse toxins in the body (detoxification), to a source of vitamins also minerals from fruits.

Really infused water is excellent at the moment? Apparently, since the first Prophet was taking infused water made from dates and raisins, the drink is named nabeez . Prophet consume nabeez made from dates or raisins soaked in boiled water for 12 hours and dates that have been gently be eaten one gulp. Then, what are the benefits of infused water in the style of the Prophet this?

Restorer Power or Energy after fasting all day or Activity

The reason behind the suggested dates as food to break the fast is its ability to recover and provide energy. The content of natural sugars (sucrose, glucose, and fructose) that enter the body are converted into energy to support their daily activities. In addition, the sugar can also improve brain function and cure depression. No wonder many people are eating sweet foods when you’re stressed or sad.

High fiber, Good for Heart and Digestive

As with other fruits, dates are also rich in fiber or fiber. We no longer need to question what is the function of fiber. This substance can filter the bad cholesterol in the body, so it can be removed from the risk of dangerous diseases, especially cholesterol and cardiovascular problems. Fiber also protects against digestive disorders like constipation.

Iron Good sources for the production of hemoglobin

Iron is a hemoglobin-forming component and provide a deep red color to the blood cells and helps carry oxygen to body cells. Efficacy of dates in brain health is not just because of the sugar content, but also iron support about 20% of oxygen supply to the brain. As we know well, iron can prevents anemia.

High Potassium to Support Healthy Heart and Blood Pressure

Potassium into the body will be utilized by the autonomic nervous system that controls heart rate, brain function and other important physiological processes. For Friends of Umm Abi who had problems of hypertension, potassium in dates can help lower blood pressure as well, tablets. Efficacy magic is the ability of potassium in reducing muscle pain due to sports or activities, including restoring energy, such as sugar.

Zink Able Improve Fitness Men

One again the role of dates in energy, this time specifically for Abi. Zink dalan date proven to increase the production of testosterone which is good for male fitness. In addition, zinc also support prostate health. For other family members, zinc is useful in strengthening the body’s immune defenses and as antioxidants to maintain healthy skin and prevent interference Ummi growth in children.
No wonder so if palm fruit called a special, his Prophet. In fact, Western medicine dub dates as the super fruit. With many of these benefits, we can participate to make nabeez at home for the family. Occasionally, replacing the lemon, strawberry, or leaves of mint in the infused water with dates, yuk. Good luck!

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