Your Wedding Flowers – What Are Your Options?



Your wedding celebration flowers generally connect to your wedding motif. When a lot of us visualize wedding flowers we think about even more of the traditional options yet there are literally countless blossom choices that function extremely well for wedding celebration bouquets, events, and also receptions.

Below are just a few blossom variants to get you thinking. We have actually split them by color to assist make it much easier to fit them to your style.


Dahlia – a late summertime and loss flower known for its wide variety of colors. Very cost effective and they work excellent in focal points and arrangements.

Asclepia Beatix – extremely little flowers that throw a lot of strike! A 1″ hybrid blossom that functions well in low arrangements.

Tulip – there are a number of tulip variants as well as plenty of shade selection. Very budget-friendly as well as they work wonderful in focal points as well as arrangements.

Ranuculus – an attractive springtime flower yet prone to drooping in hot weather. It looks terrific blended with various other flowers.

Chinese Lantern – is recognized to have 10-15 blossoms on a supply so it is superb for a prime focus in centerpieces.

Sandersonia – these little bell shaped flowers function great in boutonnieres, bouquets, and also in blossom girls baskets.

Poppy – Big, stunning, as well as really affordable when bought in its in period, spring. They are definitely an eye catcher!

Black Eyed Susans – The best country flower for a nation wedding celebration,

Sunflower – blossoms from late summer season to drop and also are available in a selection of shades and sizes. Preferred planted in pots.

Snapdragon – a really elegant as well as sophisticated blossom that works well with basic bouquets and also centerpieces. Reasonably priced, growing in late summertime.


Flannel Flower – creates spiky celebrity formed blossoms that are lengthy enduring. Perfect for both arrangements as well as arrangements.

Chamomile – is a common wild flower that grows late summer. Extremely revitalizing as well as fantastic for wreaths, focal points, and arrangements.

Stephanotis – this year round flower is inexpensive as well as perfect for arrangements and also boutonnieres.

Narcissus – flowers late winter early spring. Its fragrant blossoms are great for focal points.

Cosmos – blooms in spring as well as summer. Not so impressive on its own however extremely glamorous when blended with various other blossoms.

Snowberry – blooms late fail December. Produces little light fruit that functions well in winter season arrangements.

Dogwood – flowers in springtime producing big blossoms. Very great in both arrangements and centerpieces.

Iris – numerous colors and selections are offered. There are iris options for all four periods. Very economical with huge blossoms making it ideal for huge plans.

Mini Calla Lily – works extremely well in bouquets as well as focal points. There is a warning attached to this blossom – it is dangerous to dogs.


Veronica – these little spiked flowers include grace as well as beauty to bouquets and also centerpieces. They blend well with round blossoms.

Clematis – this creeping plant blooms throughout summer season and is available in numerous shades and also types selections. It weaves perfectly into wreaths,

Celosia – blossoms spring through loss producing velvety blossoms. Perfect method to add appearance to bouquets as well as centerpieces.

Hyacinth – this fragrant blossom works well on its own or in arrangements.

Polyp – flowers September through March producing a range of brilliant shades. Perfect for adding some color and also cheer to this drabber season.

Frittilaria – these checkered flowers are perfect for little arrangements and also arrangements.

Scabiosa – flowers springtime through summer season creating ruffled flowers. It makes a terrific addition to bouquets as well as focal points.

Gomphrena – has a thistle type bloom and is really sturdy. It will not wilt so is perfect for arrangements, posies, and arrangements. Dries out nicely too.

Cornflower – adds a nice fresh touch to bouquets as well as focal points.

Allium – these little petal blossoms will add glamour. They scent like onions so they function best around food areas.


Sand Catchfly – appears like miniature hot air balloons. It includes flare and deepness to bouquets and also centerpieces.

Spider Chrysanthemum – flowers all year so very cost effective. Its spidery petal blossoms add charm and also enjoyment to bouquets and arrangements.

Benzelia Lanuginosa – Imported from New Zealand so could be a bit expensive. A wonderful exotic addition to all setups.

Nigella Husk – available late summer to early fall adding a sculptured accent to focal points.

Seeded Eucalyptus – very versatile adding structure to a focal point. It could quickly be splashed with metal spray paint and it dries perfectly.

Girl’s Sandal – really expensive yet ever before so exotic. Perfect for a corsage or arrangement. To pricey for table setups.

Solomon’s Seal – the bell designed blossoms function well in casual bouquet and centerpieces. It functions well with lilies.

Fern – work well for fillers on bouquets and centerpieces. It presses perfectly so likewise could be made use of for emphasizing menus or cards.


Rose Hip – the message bloom fruit of the rose makes wonderful filler for bouquets along with all setups.

Vallota – blossom summer through loss creating 2″ flowers formed like a lily. Their smaller dimension makes them fit far better into setups.

Fringed Gerbera Sissy – these miniature flowers are whimsical and work well in bouquets. They also have a wonderful touch when floated in a dish or brandy glass.

Tree Peony – blossoms late be up to early winter season in New Zealand. Since they are imported they are expensive. However, they certainly stand apart as well as include color to a cooler period wedding celebration.

Astrantia – this is an attractiving blossom that blends well however stands apart.

Cymbidium Orchid – ideal for corsages however additionally works well in big screens. Perfectly perfumed it works well on table tops or floated in a dish or glass. Floated in a liqueur glass adds a genuine wonderful touch!

Slide carousel Impression Rose – this very large hybrid flower functions well in bouquets and also plans.

Antique Rose – this lovely rose is very difficult to come by and also hence incredibly expensive. However if you are looking for something enchanting and uncommon this flower is a must have. Include in your bouquet for your very own individual pleasure!

Curcuma – an exotic flower that flowers mid summer season. Adds personality to an arrangement or setup.

Flower options are countless. I’ve just covered simply a handful of what’s offered. If your wedding event is springtime via loss discover just what blossoms are belonging to your area.

You may be pleasantly amazed at exactly what is available and of course the rates will certainly be much better on local flowers. If you’re looking for those even more unique blossoms after that established a budget as well as begin examining early.

This will provide you a concept of what is available in your budget plan array. Bear in mind unique and also tropical flower costs can alter considerably in one season depending on schedule.

You may be able to obtain a florist to lock right into pricing or at the very least established a warranty of the optimum cost for your future wedding celebration date. Often neighborhood flower shops expand several of the tropicals in their greenhouses to that may also aid keep the prices a bit extra cost effective.

So choose your wedding celebration motif, choose your colors, and after that you could start to choose exactly what blossoms are best for your wedding. Best Wishes!

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